Easy Ways to Make Your New House in Charleston Feel Like Home



Moving into a new house in Charleston is always exciting. That being said, once all those boxes have cleared and all the furniture is in place sometimes a space needs a little pizazz to get it really feeling like it is not just a house, but actually your house. This is often especially true  if this is your first home or if you have recently upgraded to a newer space and might have a little extra room to fill with your existing furnishings. 

So what are some quick and easy ways to get that new house feeling like a home pronto? Read on to find out!

Put Up Some Art

One of the most ingenious ways to give a room character and personality is to deck it out with some cool art. Remember, you don’t have to be an interior designer to have an eye for a great piece of art. After all, art is totally subjective, and when it comes to decorating your home, it’s all about finding those pieces that feel meaningful and attractive to you. 

If you are on a budget after moving, know that art doesn’t have to be expensive. Second-hand stores, antique shops, or even garage sales can all be great places to snag some amazing pieces at super affordable prices. Of course, it never hurts to dish out a fair amount to support the artists for their work, there is a lot of art out there sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere just waiting to make your house feel like home, so don’t be afraid to go digging!

Customize the Lighting Options

One of the easiest ways to create a unique and comforting atmosphere and ambiance in a room is to change the lighting options. Replacing any outdated fixtures with fun contemporary lighting options will instantly make a space feel more fresh and modern. Don’t forget to make use of ground and table lighting options to add depth and dimension. 

The second thing to pay attention to is the bulb itself. Warm lighting options and lower wattage bulbs are not only easier on the power bill but will help make a room feel more comfortable and welcoming. Meanwhile, make use of cooler bulbs in areas that require clear viewing conditions like kitchens and bathrooms.  Just don’t forget to invest in environmentally friendly CFL or LED light bulbs and donate any working lightbulbs left from the previous owners that you will not be used to a local homeless shelter or charity so they won’t go to waste. 

Green It Up

Another smart and simple way to get a space looking and feeling fantastic fast is to add some plants. Plants not only create a welcoming visual appeal, but they also work on a more subtle level to improve the air quality itself. 

If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, don’t stress. Just stick to plants that are versatile and easy to care for like most varieties of ferns or ivy. 

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